Silly - Parcours d'artistes 2023 - Exposition hommage à Léo Ferré.


TV5 Monde: "Hubert Grooteclaes: L'amour flou"


2023-03-17 - Link to video:

Directed by Frantz Vaillant

Léo Ferré - La Marge : intégrale 1975-1991 vol. 4

25 November 2022: release of the box set "La Marge : intégrale 1975-1991 vol. 4". (Éd. La Mémoire et la Mer).

November 2021 - French movie: "Si on chantait"

The film "Si on chantait", by Fabrice Maruca, has just been released in cinemas: "Si on chantait".

In the promotional photos, one can see on a wall behind the characters a photo of France Gall: it is originally a poster published in the central pages of the magazine "Salut les copains", in the n°70 of May 1968.
It is a photographism by Hubert Grooteclaes based on a photo by Jean-Marie Périer.

The complete set of published portraits includes Sheila - Françoise Hardy - France Gall - Sylvie Vartan- Claude François - Johnny Hallyday and Nicoletta.


Léo Ferré - La Complainte de la télé (1956 - 1992)

Published on 5 November 2021 by La Mémoire et la Mer, the boxed set "Léo Ferré - La Complainte de la télé (1956 - 1992)", illustrated with two previously unpublished photos by Hubert Grooteclaes, taken in the RTBF studios in Liege in 1974.
La Complainte de la télé (1956 - 1992)

"La langue française en fête" - Edition 2021
For the 2021 edition of the operation "La langue française en fête" organised by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, an educational booklet devoted to a choice of 10 words has been published. Our book "8 minutes and 19 seconds" is used to illustrate one of the chosen words.

Serge Gainsbourg / 1928-1991
During a visit to the RTBF studios in Liège in the 1980's, Hubert Grooteclaes had photographed Serge Gainsbourg, whose 30th anniversary of death is today, 2 March.

In the unfinished graphic research, there is this symmetry:

Claude Brasseur - 15 juin 1936 / 22 décembre 2020
Claude Brasseur, photographed in Liège in the 60s by Hubert Grooteclaes:

Street art in Liège: another look at the city
This 28-12-20, a report on the RTBF JT of 13h was devoted to the street art project "Paliss'Art" in Liege.
You can see some views of the fresco created in homage to Hubert Grooteclaes in 2019.

Léo Ferré - L'âge d'or 1960-1967 - Intégrale vol.2
This autumn, Universal published the box set Léo Ferré - L'âge d'or 1960-1967 - Intégrale vol.2 in which we find several photographs by Hubert Grooteclaes.


Presentation of the exhibition by the local TV Vedia (2019-11-07)

Set up of the exhibition in Aubel (07-11-2019)
After a day of assembly, the exhibitions are ready:

On the side of St Luc, the external banners are in place and the final details are being worked on:

A few days before the Aubel exhibition...
You can already find about ten photos in the windows of some retailers and a banner has been installed on the front wall.

Photos: Vinciane Hannotte

Présentation of Aubel's exhibition on the website of the École Supérieure des Arts - Saint-Luc Liège

Auction of works of art for the benefit of the homeless

AUCTIONS OF ART WORKS, RARE OBJECTS AND OTHER CURIOSITIES for the benefit of the Collectif citoyen wallon d'aide aux sans-abris .

The profits will be used to buy shoes for the upcoming winter.

From the signed CD of Roméo Elvis to the silkscreen printing of Grooteclaes, great photographer and faithful friend of Léo Ferré, as well as a rare photo by Philippe Geluck, a drawing by Pierre Kroll, a clap by the Dardenne brothers and over 100 talented Belgian artists.

Artists :

Michaël Dans - Laurence Louwet - Zorg - Vincent Verhaeren - Fanon Truillet - David Pirotte - Christine Vériter - Geneviève Van der Wielen - Laurence Gonry - Bettina Genten - Antoine de Winter - Hubert Grooteclaes - Gyuri Macsai - Jean-Paul Brohez - Yves Budin - Djizeusss and monsters - Marine Sharp - André Bernard - Nathalie van der Kaa - Palix - Simon Somma - "Les Solidaires" - Frédéric Janin - Marka - Philipe Geluk - Anne Sophie Fontenelle - Werner Moron - Jean-Pierre Dardenne - Cécile Bertrand - Alain winand - Benjamin Spark - Rita Paul - Phil Dyen - Michel Rousselle - Moreau de Bellaing - Dominique Houcmant - Frédéric Moreau - Annick Dubisy - Toska - Fabrice Borrini - Acher - Joëlle Desmaret - Charles-Henri Sommelette - Sébastien Plevoest - Robin Bodeus - Sarah Pietra Minutillo - Vincent Overath - Camille Feldman - Grégoire Faupin - Raphaël Kirkove - Noir Artist - Kroll - Jacques Sondron - Rafagé - Boon - Laura Baudoux - Stripmax - Max Tilgenkamp - Warolien - Luc Dethier - Go jeunejean - Valentin Bianchi - A film clap of the Dardenne brothers - A vinyl dedication of Starflam - Alain Pire - Renaud Emond a signed jersey - Roméo Elvis signed albums - Negress green box of 4 vinyls.

Graphic design Antoan Kurti ♥

Practical information:

Opening on Friday 01/11 from 7pm
Auction on Saturday 2/11 at 6pm
Free entrance

Translated with

"Tout doit disparaître" - La Posada - Aywaille - 2019-10-18/20

Exhibition in Aubel / 08-11->24-11-2019
On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of his death, an exhibition dedicated to Hubert Grooteclaes is presented at the Centre Culturel d'Aubel, his native town. The students of the photography section of the ÉSA Saint-Luc Liège and the musician eRno Le Mentholé are associated with this tribute.
exhibition poster

Pierre Houcmant (1953-2019)
We recently learned of the death of the Liège photographer Pierre Houcmant. He was one of Hubert Grooteclaes' first students at the St-Luc Institute of Fine Arts in the early 1970's.
As a souvenir, these few views from a series of photographs taken during an outing with these students:

Inauguration of the Spray Can Arts mural painting in honour of Hubert Grooteclaes
The composition presented is the work of artists Michaël Nicolaï and Soke, from the non-profit organisation Spray Can Arts,
and is defined as both a synthesis and an interpretation of the photographisms that Hubert Grooteclaes has carried out since the 1960s.
In the coat of Brother Alfred, a popular and folk character from Liège, you can recognize the faces of artists Léo Ferré, Miles Davis and Nicolas Donato.
This mural painting is located in Liège, at the corner of rue de la Loi and boulevard de la Constitution, at a stone's throw from the École supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc.
This intervention is the 73rd proposal of the Paliss'art operation which, through street art, introduce since 2002 new colours in the public space of Liège.

Mural painting in Liège / Spray Can Arts

Some views of the work in progress:

Charles Aznavour - 22-05-1924 / 01-10-2018
For some Barclay's sleeves, Hubert Grooteclaes took some portraits of Charles Aznavour, such as those 2.

Léo Ferré, la flamme libertaire - Film + Concert at Le Parc movie theater - 20-09-2018

Soirée hommage à Léo Ferré, décédé il y a 25 ans et en qui la jeunesse de mai 68, dont on fête cette année les 50 ans, va trouver dans ses mots un écho visionnaire à ses aspirations politiques et sociétales.

FILM : La mémoire des étoiles, un documentaire de Frantz Vaillant journaliste, biographe, réalisateur, chargé de cours à la Sorbonne et rédacteur en chef à TV5 Monde, réalisé pour les 20 ans de la disparition de l’artiste.

CONCERT : Un concert du groupe italien Têtes de bois. Ce groupe, s’affirme comme héritier légitime en répandant la musique et les mots de Ferré (en italien !) parmi la jeune génération. Entre chanson, rock et jazz en apesanteur, ces amoureux italiens des poètes français ne pouvaient que croiser un jour ou l’autre l’univers de Léo Ferré

Prévente : 18 € - le jour même : 22 €
Avec l'aide des Affaires culturelles de la Province de Liège et du soutien de la famille Grooteclaes

Wahlwiller (NL) - Luikse Markt Feesten / Fêtes du Marché Liégeois : Exhibition 4&5 -08-2018

"Cours toujours" - La Posada - Aywaille - avril 2018
À La Posada, place Thiry, 21 à Aywaille:

Enchanté Mr Brel - Knokke-Heist - april 2018

Exhibition at La Chapelle - contemporary arts in Clairefontaine en Yvelines (Fr)

Extension until september 30, 2018

There is a picture of Hubert Grooteclaes in this collective exhibition, showing Isabelle Mège's collection.

Johnny Hallyday 15-06-43/06-12-17
In may 68, the magazine Salut Les Copains published some photographisms made by Hubert Grooteclaes with portraits of singers  by Jean-Marie Périer. Among them, Johnny Hallyday.

Léo Ferré in Boussu - October 2017, 23-29

Exhibition in Waremme - 01/17-09-2017

Some views of the exhibition's opening (photos by Marianne Grooteclaes)


Belgium, uniquely phenomenal
As part of the campaign "Belgium, uniquely phenomenal", aimed at supporting the positive image of Belgium, both in the country and abroad, initiated by the federal government, a photograph of Jacques Brel by Hubert Grooteclaes Was visible on the poster deployed on the facade of the SPF emploi, opposite the Gare du Midi.
This photo is also present on the website dedicated to this campaign:

C'est extra! Pictures of the evening
Some pictures of the evening at the Museum of transports, saturday, june 10.
Thanks to D. Houcmant and J.L. Goffinet for their pictures.


Mathieu Ferré Têtes de bois Têtes de bois
Têtes de bois Têtes de bois Têtes de bois - P. Grooteclaes - A. Lia
Th. Coljon - M. Ferré Th. Coljon - M. Ferré Th. Coljon - M. Ferré
Têtes de bois Têtes de bois Têtes de bois
Têtes de bois Têtes de bois

C'est extra, Léo: concert-exhibition - June 10 2017

Post stamp contest 2016
La Poste runs the election of the most beautiful stamp issued in 2016:

Screenshot Le


ExtraBal - from october 07 to november 13 2016
For their 25 years of activities, there's an exhibition of Grignoux's art galleries (Galerie Le Parc - Galerie de Wégimont - Galerie Périscope - Galerie Satellite) at the museum Salle St Georges, 86 Féronstrée in Liège.
ExtraBal annonce

Hubert Grooteclaes page in the catalogue:
ExtraBal catalogue p34

Postal stamp Léo Ferré
To celebrate the 100th birthday of Léo Ferré, in France La Poste issue a postal stamp representing Léo Ferré.

2 Hubert Grooteclaes' photographies are used as support for this edition:


Tilff exhibition's opening

44th Festivities in Tilf - August 2016 - Exhibition

44th festivities in Tilff - August 2016 - Exhibition

"À travers eux" - Association PHOTOGRAPHIE E - Tarbes (F) - Juin 2016
Invitation Tarbes 2016-06

3 photographs by Hubert Grooteclaes belongs to their collection:

3 photos Tarbes

Tribute to Leo - Aquilone, Liège - may 2016

100 ans... Léo? Tu t'rappelles?
Invitation Beaune mars 2016

Dictionnaire amoureux de la Belgique
Jean-Baptiste Baronian, Dictionnaire amoureux de la Belgique
Paris: Plon, 2015
720 p.

Extension of the retrospective until February 8, 2015

Tribute jazz concert to Léo Ferré - Théâtre de Liège - January 18 2015
Concert canceled !

L'Aquilone informs you that the concert "A Leo" in tribute to Léo Ferré January 18 at the Théâtre de Liège will not take place.
Gianmaria Testa has canceled all his concerts for health reasons.

Regarding we reserve concert "on hold."

PS: please contact us for reimbursement of places:
L'Aquilone: +32.496/21.50.46 - Théâtre de Liège: +32.4/342.00.00

Sunday 18 january 2015 at 20h30
Théâtre de Liège
A Léo - Tribute to Léo Ferré

For  Jazz lovers, a rare concert with artists et musicians of international renown.
With Gianmaria Testa (voice), Paolo Fresu (trumpet), Roberto Cipelli (piano), Attilio Zanchi (bass) et Philippe Garcia (drums).

Réservation : L'Aquilone asbl +32.496/215046 – Le Théâtre de » Liège +32 4 342 00 00
PAF: 25 euros par compte bancaire: BE74 0682 2700 7107 (avec votre nom et la mention "A LEO").

Erno Le Mentholé et Léo Ferré - Musée Curtius le 16 janvier 2015
Erno en Avignon© Mélanie Brundseaux

Friday 16 january 2015 at 18h - free entrance
Grand Curtius - Auditorium, Féronstrée 136, 4000 Liège

Erno le Mentholé, poet, singer, writer will read and sing some Léo Ferré's texts.

Tribute to Joseph Orban

One of his books, "Le sexe tachycarde" (Ed. Atelier de l’Agneau, Liège, 1979), is illustrated with 3 Hubert Grooteclaes pictures

5 postcards published by the museum are now available at the museum's shop.

2 books
There are two books along with the exhibition:

* Luc Pire editions:

* Pastel/L'école des loisirs editions:

Hundreds of people at the opening...

Some views while mounting the exhibition

One week before the opening...
The Curtius house, view from the river:

The museum front door:

The cube, St Lambert's square:

Exhibition at the Grand Curtius museum in Liège
annonce Talk 29

Publication of "8 minutes and 19 seconds", Editions Pastel

Retrospective: first announcement
Twenty years ago occurred the death of Hubert Grooteclaes. To commemorate his memory, a retrospective exhibition will be held at the Grand Curtius in Liège, next fall, from 23 October.
The first announcement has been published in the issue n°1207 / 19-12-2013  of "Courrier International" magazine.
Annonce Courrier International

And also in the magazine Liege Museum, dec. 2013, which list the 2014 temporary exhibitions:

Festival "Avec le temps" - Marseille mars 2013

Exhibition Marseille march 2013

24 th Journées du Patrimoine - september 2012

Rendez-vous photo du Richelieu (Québec) - du 29 septembre au 30 octobre 2011

Bandeau RVPRichelieu

Aubel - Abbaye du Val Dieu - du 09 au 25 septembre 2011

affiche expo Val Dieu 2011-09

Galerie Périscope du 19 novembre 2010 au 28 janvier 2011

Editions In Extremis